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Popular international entertainer, ventriloquist Patrick Murray brought along the fiesty 'Matilda' to record a demo at SOUNDSWRITE

Have a listen to samples of some of the demos we've created!

Voice Actor - Demos
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Demo Pricing

The only way to get voiceover clients is to WOW them with a demo that highlights your best work! Soundswrite continues to be the top choice for Vancouver actors and talent agents who want a demo that truly stands out!

1:30 Commercial Demo Package:

  •  An initial consultation to determine your goals and choose the best copy for your voice - up to 2 hours

  •  All copy for 6 - 8 clips (more for animation demos)

  •  2 hours of recording time with one senior level coach

  •  Music, sound effects, editing and slating

  •  Delivery in MP3 format

        Price: $700

1:30 Animation Demo Package

  • All of the above but with up to 10 clips.  (Animation demos generally have more sound effects and music than commercial and are more labour intensive.)

       Price $800

Mini Demo Package

Want to do your demo in stages?  Try our Soundswrite Mini Demo.

  • Record 3 clips

  • 1 hour of recording time with coaching

  • Includes all copy

  • Music, sound effects, editing  and slating included

  • Add the final three clips to this demo when time and money permit

       Price $400

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