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People who have worked with us have been featured in top brand promotions:

...and many more clients around the world!


"Soundswrite is amazing.  Rare is the studio that can provide the writing, talent and production.  They make my job easier and more fun!"


Katherine Flett - President,

Blue Sky Communications


"No one should miss this opportunity!  Professional experience and a step-by-step approach makes their coaching fun, accessible and empowering."

Paul Clarke

"Soundswrite created an outstanding radio campaign for us.  We exceeded

all projections and with their help, filled hundreds of jobs!"


John Charron - Subidiary Marketing, TransLink


"I've been in the business, but I've never received instruction and coa-ching like I did from you. I learned things that are paramount to succ-ess. I also love that you said you will be there for all of us beyond the weekend. You want us to do well."


Michael Doodson

"They are great people, and very generous with their vast knowledge.  Highly recommended."

Craig Benzan

"They are masters of dialogue, writing the way people speak.  In fact members of our audience often quote lines from their scripts.  They know how to connect with people and leave a lasting impression."


Diane Smith - Fundraising

Coordinator, Knowledge Network


video game demo

  • An example of a video game demo produced at Soundswrite. Can you hear the video game genre each clip is geared towards?


animation demo

  • An example of an animation demo produced at Soundswrite for the talented Alexandra Fordy.



  • An excerpt from chapter 36 of Judith Lepore's sprawling fantasy novel, Where the Moon Has Been. The audiobook was voiced and fully produced at Soundswrite!


Britannia Mine Museum

  • Walk up to the Old Mill building and crank the handle on the wooden box and you'll hear this...


Soundswrite cast and produced clear, absorbable ESL lessons for clients such as:

  • Best My Test

  • E-Planet

  • Don Walker Productions

  • Various hotels around the world!

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