"They really care about their students.  I wouldn't have gotten anywhere in voiceover without them helping me take my first steps."

                                              Caitlyn Bairstow

Voice credits include: "Spy Kids: Mission Critical", Blue Bobbin, "My Little Pony" and Izzy in the TV series "Nexo Knights".


Voice actor Jamilla Hall had one goal when she came to Soundswrite for a voice demo - to get on the roster of one of the top voice agents in town...and she did!

"I just got it and love it!!! Wanted to say a big thank you again for all the work you put into my demo. So happy with the outcome. I've sung your praises and will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for demos!" 


                                             Jamilla Hall




Soundswrite was founded 16 years ago and now has grown into one Vancouver's favourite places to record  voice demos for animation, commercials, narration, audiobooks and video games. It's also a top choice for  one-to-one coaching from some of the most experienced voiceover artists in the business.

We supply all the copy, write copy for you or help you flex your creative muscle in writing and creating scripts and characters that stand out!

The world has moved away from studio recordings, home recording and home-based voiceover businesses are booming. We can help you learn how to set up your own business and not break the bank!


Learn how to set up a home studio and you can work in your fuzzy slippers every day! Ask about coaching!