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The Healing Voice

I had to write a post today because I was so moved by what happened during a recent workshop here at Soundswrite.  We had a group of students in class who were working on a program to learn about filmmaking, editing and photography.  The goal was to give them some skills in the booth and to find out more about the sound end of things when making a movie.  We were told that in the group there was a very quiet girl and that she probably wouldn’t participate. She was too shy. She barely spoke at all.

We started out voiceover workshop talking about the industry and quickly got the students in the booth to voice commercials in pairs. I knew this would be terrifying for this girl so I gave her a small part in a funny spot.  She did it.  A slight smile came across her face and you could tell she was surprised that she had actually tried it.  The big shift came when she came out of the booth and heard her usually tiny, almost inaudible voice sound big and rich and full.  It had power and strength. It sounded like a “real” voiceover artist.

As the day went on this shy girl took part in improv exercises and tried so many more things. Her voice got stronger and stronger.  The rest of the class was great, offering her encouragement.

She found her voice.  She heard herself through our giant speakers and the voice she heard was strong and clear and confident.

Days like that remind me of why we teach.  We give a lot but we get back so much.

I am so grateful for that experience.

Find your voice.