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Audio Book Auditions

At Soundswrite, I write scripts for the way I talk. I’m always using contractions. I don’t say “I will go to the store today,” I say, “I’m going to the store today.” Often when I’m in the booth doing a spot, I take the written word and make it conversational.

Great idea…but not for audiobooks!

I just had a big audition for a local audiobook production house.  I was well rehearsed with my characters in mind. I knew that script…or so I thought until I heard the engineer in my headphones.  “Ah, Pam… you have to say “it is” instead of “it’s.” You forgot an “a”.  Reading for audiobooks is just that. It’s reading. You’re there to voice every single word that the author wrote, exactly as he wrote it. No ad-libbing allowed! I kept thinking, “Ah come on, it’s only a small word  – “in”, “it”, “an”,” – but the sharp-eared engineer caught every single one and we had to “punch in” the correct words.

So warning, warning warning…practice reading books out loud! Practice every single word of that story. Then, practice it again. It’ll help you book the book gig.

Until next time….