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Voiceover Training, Who Needs It?

“I’ve been talking all my life.  How hard can it be to do voiceover?”  Well, that would be like saying, “Listen, Meryl, you can walk and talk, so how hard can it be to act? Why don’t you just read this script and go out and win yourself an Academy Award next week?” “Patrick Chan, you can skate. How about you strap on these new blades and we throw you into the Olympics?”  Ask any performer at the top of his or her game and they’ll tell you, it takes work and dedication and single mindedness. Your body is your instrument. Your voice is your instrument. Your mind is your instrument. You have to stay tuned up. You have to train with a variety of coaches and take as much as you can from each to craft your own style.  Top performers and athletes still train. They still go to workshops. They never stop learning.

Meryl Streep recently completed her new film “August: Osage County”.  Actors who worked with her – and there were big name actors on set – were constantly commenting on how after hours of performing a difficult scene, Meryl kept coming up with new ways to say her lines.  She brought new ideas to every take even after 10 straight hours of filming. That’s a true star and the kind of professional you want to work with.

Voiceover isn’t just talking. It’s acting. It’s a craft. You are performing. You have to be open to trying new ideas, new interpretations all the time.  If you want to voice commercials, take acting classes. If you want to voice for narration, take acting classes. If you want to voice for animation, take acting classes. Take movement classes. Do yoga. How serious are you about your craft? Train. Never stop learning.

Watch for exciting news this Fall as one of Vancouver’s top acting coaches teams up with Soundswrite to present an “Acting for Voiceover” Intensive.

In the meantime…keep living life OUT LOUD!