Build a Home Studio with Blankets

If you want to voice from home but you don’t have the cash to build a sound booth in the corner of your bedroom, try creating a hanging sound booth using acoustic blankets.  This is the coolest idea we’ve seen in a long time and it’s so simple.  Vocal Booth To Go carries this kit and has individual acoustic blankets that you can buy to fit a specific space. You can simply install a  half circle track on your ceiling, clip in an acoustic blanket and TA DA, you have a sound studio of your own. Check out Then all you need is a Yeti USB microphone from (about $100), a pop filter, a laptop and editing software that you can download for about $60 – try Reaper or Audacity – and you’re in business.  You can audition for jobs around the world.  Want to find out how? Join us at our Soundswrite Voiceover Intensive or our Home Studio Setup Courses.  Visit for more details. Get your gear and get working!