Record yourself!

Audio recording hardware and software is getting more powerful – and less expensive - every day.  These days, voice talents are expected to be their own audio engineers to record, edit, and transfer audition files and even finished audio to their customers.  The upside of this evolution is that, as a voice talent, you can work anywhere in the world.  The downside is that you have a bit of a learning curve to contend with after you open the box that your nice new microphone came in.  Even getting to the point of having a microphone box to open can be a little daunting: so many mics, some costing thousands of dollars…where do I start?  Well, that’s what Soundswrite is here for; to guide you through the forest of audio “stuff” that’s out there, clamoring for your attention.  Over the next little while, we’ll touch briefly on the microphones that are out there, the software that you’ll need to immortalize that perfect performance, and some tips on how to set up space in your life to use all of that shiney new gear, without disturbing the dog.  The good news is: It’s not hard, and it’s not expensive.  Stay tuned!

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