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You can’t have a Steven Segal movie without fight scenes. When our SOUNDSWRITE WALLA voicing group provided the WALLA (background voices for movies) session for the film, “Kill Switch”, it felt like each fight went on for at least 20 minutes!  That’s because voicing all those grunts and yells that accompany fight scenes can take a tole on an actor’s voice. If you’re voicing for a computer game, you could be providing exertion sounds for hours at a time!  You not only have to make sure you don’t do any damage (grunt from the diaphragm) but you also have to be able to give the producer variety.  You have to sound like you’re injured, in danger, angry, dying…the list goes on.

The easiest way to vary things up is to think of your vowel sounds.  Try grunting or yelling in different ways using “A”, “E”, “I”, “O”, “U” and “Y”.  Try using “oof”, “auggh,” “hi-yah”, and others.  Bring a list with you so you won’t forget. Do these sounds in different pitches. Stretch them out.  Shorten them. You’ll get different sounds.  Here are some more secret tricks of the WALLA trade: 

* The Barf:  Tense your muscles as if you are going to throw up and then let some sounds out. 

* Pinch it:  Pinch off your yell at the beginning or end.  It will give you a different sound.

* The Heimlich Hit: Do the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself as you make sound.  It will sound like you are being hit.  Vary it up by adding your vowel sounds.

Hope these tips are helpful to add to your voicing techniques arsenal.  If you are interested in learning and practicing WALLA voicing for film, join a SOUNDSWRITE workshop. For more information you can visit the workshops page at: